Bed Race

July 6, 2013 @ 2:30 PM
NSB Waterfront Loop
Canal Street
New Smyrna Beach,FL 32168
Elizabeth Yancey386-424-2175E-mail

bed race

*Part of Christmas in July

Participants: Businesses, families, churches, clubs, etc. are welcome. All ages may participate but, since the race is very fast paced, it is recommended that any pre-teen aged children be accompanied by a parent who participates in the race on the same team. You need to wear good running shoes. Please no flip-flops, sandals, or bare feet.

Race Preliminaries: 1/2 hour prior race start (mandatory for all participants).
Race Start: 3:00pm
Race Fee: FREE

Entry Deadline: Forms will be taken 1/2 hour prior to race time. If you plan to participate please inform us as soon as possiblesince this will help in the events planning. Last minute entrees are welcome but you are required to learn the racerules from the printed material because the race officials lack sufficient time to teach all race details at the last minute.

Award: 1st Place Perpetual Trophy. The winning team has rights to display, for one year, but then must earn the win to keep it again.


Each team must have 5 people to a team (4 runners and 1 rider)
Officials will provide a t-shirt to each member of each team to wear over their clothing.
This will be a single elimination running relay. The starting line will be on Canal St. at the intersection of Magnolia St. The race will be two ½ blocks – down to almost Orange St. Heats will consist of 2 beds at a time. The beds will leave the starting line with 4 pushers and 1 rider wearing their race T-shirts. All members of the team must be in contact with the bed at all times, except when the T-shirt exchange is made and during the “drill”.
This will be an “Eliminations Race”. Two beds will race at once. Winners of a race will race the winners of another race, etc. The last winner of the final race will receive the trophy.
All teams will need to display their name on the bed so that it may be visible to the audience. This is a great opportunity to advertise with your banner.
Participants are encouraged to decorate themselves and/or the bed in a Christmas Theme. The use of distraction devices such as water guns, horns, water balloons, megaphones, whistles etc. are approved and recommended to use, except for the bed that “SANTA” is in! All such devices must be used in a respectful manner and not to harm or degrade contestants and/or the audience.
The judge’s decision is final.

NOTE: Your safety is very important to us. Please wear good running shoes. Accidents may occur such as falling down on pavement, scrapes, bruises, tripping, collisions, etc. Safety gear to avoid such hazards is recommended.


The frame of the bed racer does not need be of an original bed, but it must mimic a real bed in appearance by having a headboard and footboard.
Beds are to have a minimum of four wheels, so situated to make the bed stable and safe. Wheels of any size may be used.
You may have swivels, steering, or permanently fixed wheels. Hint: fixed wheels are more than adequate.
The bed cannot have any means of propulsion or brakes other than provided by the runners. Human power only. No Motors.
Beds may not be pulled, only pushed from the sides and/or back.
The bed may have push bars, though may not exceed the overall width of the bed.
The mattress and/or box spring must be a manufactured adult sized bed, i.e., twin, double, queen or king. The minimum mattress/box spring dimensions must be no smaller than 35″x71″. This will be strictly enforced.
No youth beds, cribs, coffins, bed of roses (lol), or of the like.
Mattress must be outfitted with one blanket and one pillow.
Any violations of the bed construction guide lines will cost a team a 3 second delay at the start, per violation.
One of the most fun parts of a bed race is building your own bed and putting it to use.

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