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Published on August 31st, 2012 | by Dr. Richard Martorano


Billy Chapin – Superstar in the Music Industry

Billy Chapin is in the music business. Listen to what I’m saying to you. Billy Chapin is IN the music business. He writes music, plays music, records music, produces music and will do anything else in the industry that is asked of him.

What makes him different?

He is not a specialist as many young musicians today choose to be. He does a lot of things very well but does not outrival in any one particular discipline. That is not a bad thing.

The younger generation of musician chooses to excel in a specific music idiom. That limits there income potential. Billy is of the generation that does it all. That is how he was trained and that is what has been expected of him throughout his career.

Billy Chapin was raised, educated and lives in East Coast Central Florida and has created an international reputation. You may have heard him on the radio or one of your CD’s, seen his music videos and read articles about him in industry trade magazines as well as our local newspapers. If you haven’t, someone under the age of 40 in your family has.

Billy Chapin is a Volusia Superstar.  He is recognized in the music industry as a very successful producer. That means he can get his phone calls returned by other successful producers, record companies, music talent agents and publishers.  For a new talent looking for a producer, those are the necessary elements for a music producer to have.

Billy and I have many commonalities. I am currently in his studio recording a CD with my wife, Ann. We know many of the same musicians in the country but we have never worked together until now.

What makes Billy a Superstar is his ability to survive in the music business for the 50 some odd years of his life. That within itself is a challenge and a major accomplishment.  In most instances, a career in the music business happens in Nashville, LA, or New York. Trying to do that in coastal Florida, raise a family, buy a home, fly and own an airplane and have a successful music studio in this locale is a challenge.

Don’t get me wrong. Billy has worked in all of those big cities but he chose to live in a small town where his family has been for years.

That’s the cool part of our business – you can live wherever you like as long as there is an airport.

After playing in multiple boogie bands in Central Florida, Billy got his big break when he was asked to play guitar for one of the most popular pop acts hitting the charts in show business, “Backstreet Boys”.

He played on their 1998 and 1999 national and international tours and with other major pop acts such as Britney Spears and 0-Town.

Through those relationships, Billy appeared on national television shows and music videos and made lasting music and business relationships that have helped him in this tough industry.

All the time Billy was performing he continued to get his “chops” by writing, recording and working as a producer on other pop acts that included: Natural, Sister Hazel, Edwin McCain, Leslie Carter and Turbo B.

If you’re like me, the names of those bands mean nothing to you. Like some of you, I don’t know the music.

For Billy’s work on the Lizzie McGuire CD, he received gold and platinum album awards.  In 2004, he received a BMI award for “Most Played Christian Song of 2004”, for his work with the Christian Praise Band, Avalon.

Some clients that Billy has worked with include Atlantic records, EMI, DreamWorks, RCA, Hollywood records, Disney records, Virgin, Warner Bros. and other well-known labels.  That is impressive.

Like a lot of us in the music business, it took a couple of marriages for Billy to get it right and find his home. He has raised a wonderful family that includes four children with each of them successful in their own workplace. He has a loving wife, Marianne, who has been his soul mate in his life and music for the 26 years they have been married and she is also herself a successful businessperson.

I mentioned that Billy is a pilot and flies his own Piper Cherokee three or four times a week in the early mornings. He got the love for flying from his dad, a military pilot who flew in three wars – WW II, Korea and Viet Nam.

You can also find Billy surfing when he is not behind a recording console or producing a young talented newcomer.

Is life good or what?

Billy is a Volusia SuperStar.  More people in Nashville know the name Billy Chapin then those in Volusia County. That can be said that for a lot of us. Billy doesn’t have a problem with that because he is making good music, fulfilling a dream, able to support his family and allow himself the extra luxuries that bring him happiness.

Billy shared this with me. A few weeks ago, a national celebrity was in his studio.  She was somewhat innocuous, plain and looked a little unkempt. She was in the studio to do voiceovers and didn’t want anyone to know she was in town so she didn’t have to make herself up. Billy said she was a sweetheart, spent a couple of days here and had lunch in a couple of Mom and Pop restaurants – no one recognized her. She was also a Volusia Superstar in secret. That happens a lot.

I asked Billy what his strengths and weaknesses were. He never flinched with his answer. “I bring people together…I can match talents – putting the right person with the right product.”  What was his weakness?  – “I am a big procrastinator.”  You wouldn’t believe that when you do a Google search for Billy Chapin – a SuperStar we are proud to have in our community.

About the Author

A prominent musician, producer, composer, music director, adjunct university professor and owner of R. Martorano Productions LLC and Music, Etc. Inc. who is residing in New Smyrna Beach. He has produced and directed over 30 Broadway musicals for community or Dinner theater and worked with some of the biggest names in show business. He has also produced over 30 jingles and TV commercials. Dr. Martorano has an undergraduate and Master degrees from Florida State University and Rollins College and Doctorate in Music and Broadcast Communications from California State Western University. He is a feature contributor to the New Smyrna Beach Observer and can be reached at or on his web page

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