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Published on January 8th, 2013 | by NSB Observer


City Denied Causeway Landings Project

A sea of red filled the City Commission Chambers Monday night during the Planning & Zoning Board meeting. The topic of discussion: Causeway Landings project.

A week before an email was circulated to residents of NSB encouraging opposition to the project, stating “show your support by wearing red at the meeting.”

With every seat filled, the aisles had two rows of standing spectators that spilled into the lobby and out the door.  People lined the sidewalks outside trying to catch a glimpse of the chamber at maximum capacity, without the ability to hear anything being discussed.

Approximately ten minutes in, the crowd parted and a man wearing a red Hawaiian shirt approached the board, bringing up the obvious problem with the overflow – no one outside could hear anything.

“We came to hear you speak,” he stated.

The applause, lasting longer outside than inside, faded and the question was left unanswered.

The Causeway Landings project is a proposal to build 239 units of low-income housing on waterfront property, located at 99 North Causeway, New Smyrna Beach.

Rebecca Wilson, the Orlando-based attorney representing the builder, started a presentation listing reasons why they could reduce parking from 626 spots to 450, even though at least 590 spots are required for the 239 units.

She continued, stating if approved, a deed would be set in place making sure this site would be used for low-income housing for the next 30 years.

Another representative of the builder, said the site is designed for a “moderate income level…there is a cap that can be charged and then the government pays the rest.”

Attorney Edward Beazley Jr. asked the board to waive the three minute cap and let him speak for 30 minutes on behalf of residents in the audience.

“He can have my three minutes,” was repeated throughout the crowd. Beazley took the stand and the clock was stopped.

The revision was ultimately denied by the board because it does not have enough parking spots available for the number of units to be built. They have 15 days to appeal.

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