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Published on April 5th, 2013 | by Swiss Britt


Doggie Do’s

Keeping your mutt in check:

  1. Leashed - NSB is a very dog friendly town but you have to keep your dog on a leash unless you are visiting the off leash dog park off of Glencoe Road. For more info on the off leash park check out the Swiss List Best Digs for your Dogs. Keeping your dog on a leash when out for your walk helps to keep your dog safe from traffic or other animals. It also helps you to maintain control of your pet.  There is an abudance of wildlife in NSB and you never know when the best thing to chase ever is going to come along.  Dog whisperer Cesar Milan says leashes are “a form of communication. Without a word, you are telling your dog where to go, what speed to walk, and when to stop.”
  2. Keep it Clean -When you take your pups for an outing you are responsible for anything your pet does. If you are visiting a park in NSB that is dog friendly, there are blue boxes full of free scented baggies to help you keep it clean. There are also baggie dispensers available for purchase with cute designs or in fun shapes like a fire hydrant or a bone. Make sure to keep bags on you when taking your pup for a stroll. It’s disrespectful to other people when pet owners do not clean up after their animals. No one likes to step in poo!
  3. Yellow Dog Project - The Yellow Dog Project is an online community that was created to increase awareness to the general public. Not every dog can be approached by other people or dogs. Some pups are nervous or scared. Some have health issues, are recovering, or even in training. When assistance dogs are in training they should not be approached. The Yellow Dog Project simply means to attach a yellow ribbon to a dog if the animal needs space. If you encounter an animal that has a yellow ribbon, give the animal extra room to get by or walk around them and do not reach for or try to pet the animal.
  4. Hydrate - A day at the beach can make for a happy pooch. When taking your pup for an outing to anywhere involving sea water make sure you have fresh water. Salt water can have adverse affects on your doggie if ingested. Coupled with the sun and frolicking, dehydration can happen quickly. Take breaks and offer your dog water often. If sea water is ingested be prepared for upset stomach, diarrhea, and possibly vomiting. Usually these symptoms do not last very long, but they are still very unpleasant for you and your pet. If the symptoms continue contact your vet.
  5. Respect Wildlife - When you and your dog are on an outing, you are visitors to the area. Local wildlife call it home. Maintain a safe distance and give the animals space. I know I don’t like it when my dog is barking in my face. Beyond general annoyance, wild animals can carry diseases or be overly aggressive. Animals that feel threatened can bite or scratch your pet. For the safety of you and your pet respect the local wildlife when in their habitat.

It’s our responsibility as pet owners to socialize our animals, let them have fun and get exercise regularly. We must also follow the doggie do’s to keep us and our pets clean, hydrated and safe.


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