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Published on August 29th, 2013 | by NSB Observer


End of Summer Poem

By Marley Scott

Back in school as I sit at my desk,

I blink my eyes and it feels like I just left

For summer break – woop woop!


No worries, sun rays, late nights, good waves.

Sleepovers with all my chicks,

Surf camps then banana splits, all right!


All summer long we’re pumping some jams,

Had a ripping time at Shark City Surf Camp.

“Paddle, paddle, little grom,” I heard a million times.


Drop in late, bottom turn, fly down the line.

Pull into a barrel and I made it out every time.

Every time I think about it I scream and shout.


Summer, summer – it was so grand

Hanging out with all my fam.

Back in school, but that’s all okay.

The only difference is I can’t stay up late!

* Marley is a competitive surfer and our Right Coast Wahine. Read more about her here.

Photo provided by Cattleya Video Photography and Shark City Surf Camp

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