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Published on September 11th, 2012 | by Karin Jenkins


I Did it Myself – My Stylist Taught Me

I am blow- dry challenged. There. I said it. Since I co-own Applause Salon; I am married to one of the greatest hairstylists in the world and gave birth to the other one – I feel a bit embarrassed, but alas (heavy sigh) it is the truth.

Taking matters into my own hands, literally, I asked my husband David for a blow-dry lesson. His advice was very helpful so I thought I would pass it on to you. Hopefully his advice will help all of us get that professional blow dry look from home when we are between our salon visits.

First, you must have the proper tools. David recommends a blow dryer that has a cool or cold shot (setting) and make sure the dryer nozzle is attached.

After washing and conditioning my hair, David told me to gently squeeze the access water out of my hair with my fingers or my towel. Don’t rub your hair with a towel – Blot.

Now is the time to apply any hair product you may need. I need volume and lift, so David recommended I use a root lifter such as Aquage Lifting Foam, or Thickening Spray Gel or Surface Reflect styling gel and concentrate the product at the root. Rub your fingers on your scalp to help lift the hair up.

If you have hard to handle hair, distribute your particular product evenly throughout with your comb.

Now you must decide which size metal brush is best for your particular look, because each size will present a different outcome. The smaller the brush is, the tighter the curl.

Your stylist can help you to select the proper brush for your particular style. Since my hair is relatively long, we went with a larger brush for that Giselle or Farrah Fawcett look. Hey, it’s my story – I can dream.

After my hair was about 80% dry, it was time to divide it into 3 sections around my head (with hair clips) so I could tackle each section separately with ease.

So far, so good. Now comes the tricky part where I need to use both of my hands at the same time – doing totally different jobs.

With my blow dryer in one hand and my round brush in the other, David told me to start at the base of my neck and work my way up to the crown (top of my head) leaving the bangs for last.

Make sure the dryer is set on warm or hot and take a brush-width strip of hair straight out from my head and chase it with the dryer.

Blowing my hair at a consistent angle with the proper sized brush and temperature will result in the straighter, shinier strands of hair that I was after.

I’ll be honest. It was awkward at best. I felt like I needed to use me feet as well.

I started at the base of my neck and worked my way around and up, moving my hair clips as I entered another section of hair. I finished with the top of my head and then my bangs.

David suggested I put a Velcro roller or two at the crown of my head and let the hair cool and set for some extra height.

“People do a lot of damage at the end when they are blowing their hair out. They don’t understand that the cooling button sets in what you are trying to do,” David said. So when your hair is almost dry, switch your dryer to the cooling setting.

My lesson is done. I do not look exactly like Giselle or Farrah, but I do look respectable enough to be seen in public, so all is not lost.

You can’t beat a professional blow dry, but with some practice, you can get pretty close.

About the Author

Karin Jenkins

A licensed Esthetician, nail technician and makeup artist, she has been working in all aspects of the beauty industry for over 30 years. Karin and her husband, David Jenkins, own and operate the family business – Applause Salon & Day Spa located on Julia Street in New Smyrna Beach. With her own cosmetic line called “Applause”, Karin has worked all over the world as a makeup artist for pageants such as Mrs. World in St. Petersburg Russia, Mrs. America in California, and the Miss United States pageant system in Las Vegas. She has worked celebrity red carpet events in Santa Monica, California and has been the makeup artist for numerous actors/actresses/models for movies, television, stage and print work. Her work can be seen in the Sandra Bullock movie, “Miss Congeniality” as well as in national magazines such as Marie Claire, Pageantry, Redbook, Life and American Salon. With over 30 years of experience in every direction in pageantry – Karin recently published her first book, “Pageant Land & the Family Who Lived There”. You can find Karin at Applause Salon, 307 Julia Street, New Smyrna Beach. Phone (386)426-5454, On Face book under Applause Salon & Day Spa LLC or e-mail:

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