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Published on April 26th, 2013 | by NSB Observer


Just Beachy

With summer just around the bend, it’s time for sand and sun once again. NSB is a perfect place to while away the hours in our sunny sandy paradise. As with anything awesome there are some etiquette and safety rules that must be followed. Unfortunately there are no fashion police, but there is a beach patrol and they do take their jobs seriously. Following the laws and signs on the beach helps to keep us and the beach safe for many summers to come.

  1. Shut up and Drive-Beach driving is permitted from  the Jetty at North Beach to 27th Ave. and there are access ramps beginning at Beachway Ave. and running through 27th Ave. When first arriving onto the beach ramp be sure to roll down your window, flip on your headlights, and no texting. This helps you pay attention and helps pedestrians to pay attention to you. I am pretty sure you came to the beach to enjoy being outside, so rolling down the windows just makes sense. As you go by the tollbooth be sure to check out any flags, signs, or other notices that may be up. Different flags indicate things like rip tides or if dangerous marine life has recently been spotted in the area. A rip tide is a strong moving current of water that can sweep even the most experienced swimmer out to sea. If caught in a rip tide it is very important to remain calm and not overexert yourself. Attempt to swim parallel to the shoreline and out of the current, otherwise tread water and motion for help with your arms. Do not attempt to swim against the rip tide.
  2. Slow Ride-One of the best things about our beaches is that you can drive on them. Dating back to the early racing days of the area, we have been known for being a driving beach. Cruising down the beach with the wind in your hair and the sunshine on your face is one of the best feelings in the world. In order to continue to enjoy this luxury we need to follow the laws that are in place. Take it slow and respect the 10mph speed limit.  The beach is a playground for children and adults. There will be folks trying to cross, chasing wayward footballs, sprinting toddlers, actual flocks of seagulls and much more.  Keep it at 10mph and you will have no trouble slowing down for one of these obstacles. And you will avoid the ticket that starts at $116.
  3. Earmuffs-For the perfect cruise don’t forget your favorite tunes. Unfortunately, your favorite tunes are not everyone’s favorite tunes. I know it’s hard to understand that not everyone loves Taylor Swift or Gaga as much as you do. If someone else can hear your music more than 50ft from the source it is a ticketable offense. All tickets aside, it is disrespectful to other beach goers. Everyone is here to have a good time. It can be hard to relax and soak up the rays while the sand underneath you is vibrating from the bass of the car next to you. Or, say you are trying to build a sandcastle with a child and obscene lyrics are blaring. Parents tend to get upset when their kids learn bad words while they are out. Let’s not send little Johnny home with f-bombs coming out of his mouth. Turn it down and respect other visitors.
  4. Park it like it’s Hot-When you find your place to park make sure to remain in front of the seafoam green markers and park either facing the ocean or facing the dunes. Do not double park. Once you have parked exit, your vehicle and tote your stuff down by the water to lay and to play. Sunbathing in the traffic lanes is a bad idea so keep east or west of the traffic lanes. On crowded days it can be a bad idea to lay out in the parking area. As a personal rule, I tend to sit closer to the water to avoid any potential day ruining events. To prevent getting your vehicle from getting stuck, avoid cutting your tires on the soft sand. If your vehicle gets stuck in the sand do not continue to apply gas and spin your tires. This will only dig the hole deeper and bury your tires. Instead, dig a hole around the tires that are buried with your hands or a shovel and slowly push the vehicle forward from the outside. Do not be afraid to ask for help. The locals are usually willing to help as we have all been stuck before. Once out of the hole, slowly apply the gas and proceed to the traffic lane.
  5. Beach Babies- The beach is a fun place to bring the kids and let them run around. Parents please keep in mind that the beach does have traffic lanes. Treat these lanes as you would any other road. Make sure your kids know to look both ways and cross with an adult. Many parents who have raised children in this area have said they tell their children not to go back to the car for any reason when on the part of the beach with traffic. If your kids are runners, there are traffic free areas of the beach with parking available. Starting from the 27th Ave. ramp and heading south is traffic free and from the Jetty at North Beach to the coast guard area is also traffic free.

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