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Published on April 17th, 2013 | by Tia McDonald


New Program at the College of Journalism and Communications

For the first time, the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida is offering a combined degree in Advertising and Web Design, starting this summer.

Students are able to complete their professional advertising electives and count the same classes towards a Masters of Advertising and Mass Communications with specialization in Web Design and Online Communication according to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs for the CJC, Michael Weigold.

“We’ve had a lot of journalism and communication students do a combined degree with business and use those classes as a concentration,” Weigold said. “This is the first time students will be able to use these classes for multiple purposes.”

The selection process is highly competitive and allows only five or six advertising majors a semester. The reason is because the program is not suitable for everyone and also because there’s limited enrollment for the Masters program, according to Weigold.

The program is small and creatively focused so the students can have the ability to interact with their professors. Students are expected to give presentations and turn assignments in when they meet with their professors each class, which Weigold says, keeps them on their toes.

“The classes are live with webcams and speakerphones, so there can be students in the Armed Forces in Lebanon being taught by instructors in California,” Weigold said. “We have found that it’s sometimes hard to engage students in online classes, but this is more appointment orientated.”

The student will take four classes training them in Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, which also go deep into the enterprise aspects of web design. If the student wants to continue and gets accepted into the masters program, they start to get more in-depth into the other programs.

“Sophomores and Juniors are encouraged to sign up because they will be able to use the electives, but should only do so if they are focusing on the creative aspect of advertising,” said Weigold. “Even if the student is a Senior, we offer a graduate program as well.”

To sign up for summer 2013, click here and turn in a form by April 12, 2013. Students usually have GPA of 3.0 or better and can earn a graduate certificate after completing necessary courses with the opportunity to be done with one-third of their credits for their master’s degree.

“I’m very proud of the advertising program and web design program, and we are going to do some interesting things with this program,” Weigold said. “We are talking about using a company to do job placement for our students which will be the first Masters program in our college to provide those types of services for our students.”


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