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Published on May 17th, 2013 | by NSB Observer


NSBHS Students Awarded for Creativity

By Donna Ross

Fifteen New Smyrna Beach High School students were rewarded for their artistic achievements during the 14th annual Visual Arts Exhibit ceremony on Sunday, May 5, 2013, in the New Smyrna Beach Regional Library, where it will be displayed throughout May.

Dr. Jane Owen, juror for the event, welcomed the students and spoke from the heart. “To be elected a recognized winner takes both merit and luck…in all areas of life. So, both award winners and others have cause for humility and unspoiled pride.”

The categories include: drawing/painting, sculpture/ ceramics and photography.

As chairperson, eight year veteran Regina Wise explained the process of choosing the finalists from the 106 entries. “Consideration was given to the assignment at hand, the depth of thought and how well the student executed it; and of course, the ultimate outcome. Each piece was viewed from the perspective of how the elements of art and the principles of good design were applied.”

As each student’s name was called and they approached the dais to receive their ribbons from Mayor Adam Barringer, they smiled while being photographed in front of the large audience of friends, family, teachers, and volunteers from the Artists’ Workshop, who supplied refreshments and prize money for the occasion.

visual arts exhibitExcited Merit Award winner Emily Sfaelos says, “I usually don’t do male faces, it’s not that easy…but, I had Einstein,” she says pointing to the ceramic head before her. To complete her titled “Great Minds Think Alike,” she needed another great mind and found one close at hand in a teacher she has known since 8th grade, Mr. Scrivano. What an honor to be sitting alongside Mr. Einstein courtesy of Ms. Sfaelos.  Or, is it vice versa?

Helena Paciga, who won Best of Show in ceramics for her “Changes” – a Greek vessel with octopus tentacles dangling down over an unsuspecting village.  “You can’t tell if the tentacles are going to hurt or help,” says Ms. Paciga. Her proud mom saying, “she’s a Greek mythology fanatic.”visual arts exhibit

Best of Show drawing winner Milena Da Cruz heard the good news as she walked into the lobby while other students were heading out. “They kept saying ‘you won, you won’”, says Milena adding, “I never thought I’d win.”  Her pen and ink self- portrait using contour line and hatching and cross hatching lines for texture and value smiles down as patrons enter the library.

Christine Colby, the ceramics teacher at NSBHS, added that “I like the work that was selected. It will give the underclassmen the motivational factor for senior year.”
With that, Chair Regina Wise reminds all attendees to sign the guest book, which helps with grants, and also pick up information and sign up for summer camp at the Artists’ Workshop to keep all that good momentum going.

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Photos provided by Tom McGow

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