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Published on January 8th, 2013 | by Karin Jenkins


Set the Stage for Proper Eyebrow Care

I was looking for a new topic to write about and thought if I looked at some photos, something would trigger an idea. As I got to the photo above – it hit me. We are going to talk about eyebrows.

I am probably the only woman in America who would think, while in the arms of Donny Osmond, that I could do wonders with a little waxing/shaping of his eyebrows. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I know, (heavy sigh) it is both a gift and a curse!

Seriously though, take a good look at the picture – the tiny amount of brow hair under the outside part of Donny’s brow makes him look tired and his eyes look a bit droopy. With just a little teeny tiny “clean up” of his brows, he could easily look refreshed and well- rested. What can I say? He needs me!

You have to be really careful when shaping men’s brows because if they are too thin or there is too much of an arch, you can give them a feminine brow that most guys really don’t want… ever! If done properly, you can not only save your man from the dreaded “uni-brow,” but a little brow clean-up can make him look well-rested and maybe even a bit younger.

Let me back up a bit and review this whole eyebrow “situation” from the start.

Originally intended as a functional piece of your anatomy, your eyebrow shades and protects your eyes. Now upgraded to a fashion essential, your eyebrow shapes, defines and adds drama and expression to your face.

Before you start plucking, tweezing, trimming or waxing, you should understand the objective. Most women don’t know that more or less, according to Nature, and especially according to Estheticians, your eyebrows should start directly above the inner corner of your eye, curving to its peak just beyond the iris’s corner and then taper gently to the end.

The right tools give the right eyebrow shape. Before I go any farther, you must promise me that you will never, ever shave your eyebrows. Nothing good will ever come from doing that! The End. With that being said, you can maintain your brows with proper plucking and waxing, but I strongly suggest you begin your fashion brow regime with a licensed professional’s assistance.

Now I feel the need to get on my “soap box” for a moment and let you know the facts: a licensed cosmetologist or a licensed Esthetician are the only people at your salon that are legally allowed to touch your brows. I know there are a lot of nail salons out there that are waxing brows and they are not licensed or properly trained to do so. How do I know this for a fact? Because I am constantly asked to “fix” clients’ brows who thought they could trust their nail technician.

Please note that I am in no way knocking nail technicians – I am a licensed nail tech myself, but there are people out there who are posing as something they are not. Don’t be afraid to ask to see your technician’s license, because it’s your face and you have every right to make sure you are in good hands with the proper licensed professionals. I am now stepping back off of my soap box.

I suggest you get a professional wax and brow shaping about every 4 to 6 weeks and that will help you establish your correct length and shape and make it easier for you to maintain your brow care between salon visits.

Do not pick up the tools until you have set up your work place. Most important will be your lighting and your mirror. I suggest, with all my heart, that you get a lighted magnifying makeup mirror. This will be a wonderful start to help you not only see all those unwanted hairs (and we all know they don’t just grow around the brow area) but to also see your skin up close to apply your skin care products and your makeup.

I leave my makeup mirror flipped to the magnifying side most of the time. Sure it’s scary when I sit down at 7:00 a.m. to put on my makeup. Sometimes I literally have to sneak up on my mirror and open one eye at a time, but I figure if I can look okay when I get done and still be magnified in bright light, then there is a good possibility I will look pretty darn good in normal light and at a normal size and distance.

You know when you get in the car and you check yourself out in the mirror and major panic sets in because there was a chin hair, about six inches long that you somehow missed? How does that happen? Not that I am talking from personal experience of course, but for those who have had this happen, say you are traveling and can’t bring your makeup mirror along with you – there is a great tool on the market called La-tweez which are tweezers with an LED light right on the tweezer itself! It’s way fun! No hair can hide from this thing. I highly recommend you get one and keep it in your purse for those “ever so special” occasions.

Another tip for great looking brows is to tint them to add some natural color back into your brows. Most women and men’s eyebrows are just slightly darker than their natural hair color, but as we age, our brows can become lighter. Oh who am I kidding? Little grey ones are popping up now and FYI – if you pull one out – 10 more will NOT grow in their place!

We may need to adjust the brow color due to a new hair color we are sporting. Often times we may also need to fill in a few “sparse” sections. After your brows are shaped to perfection, I suggest you use a “brush on brow.” It is a powder/cake-type substance that you apply with a brow brush. Or you can use a brow liner and brush the pencil through with a brow brush or dry mascara wand to make your brows look soft and natural. You can also request your hair stylist to color your brows with the same color he or she is applying to your hair.

As we age, we also may run into some crazy, out of control brow hairs. If that happens, trim them and then brush them down to join the others. You can also try to get some control over the wild brows by weighing them down through the night while you sleep using something a bit heavy like Vaseline or a hair or brow wax product. This can help to re-train the brows to go where you want them to go.

Remember, your eyebrows are there to frame your face, not to be the main attraction. They should compliment your hair color – not fight it. They should enter a room the same time the rest of your face does. They should bring attention to your eyes – not distract or cause attention to themselves. Your eyebrows are there to help your face show your emotions. In other words – go easy on the Botox!

However you choose to maintain your perfect brows, be confident in knowing that your brow maintenance will do wonders in completing your overall fabulous look for 2013.

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